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Growing our voices together

Group classes are an opportunity to build confidence and singing skills in a safe, supportive environment. Join Sherry and her students in her Calgary studio to develop your voice, learn new genres, or perfect old favourites.

Workshop registration is now open.

The Singer Series

Sherry is proud to offer vocal workshops that welcome students of all abilities and backgrounds. Workshops are an opportunity to pursue new skills and expand your musical horizons within a reassuring group dynamic.


She encourages students to build their own capacities by creating reassuring group dynamic. Her personal teaching means while everyone grows together, each student can do so at their own rate.

Workshops are designed for you, the singer. Contact Sherry to ask which workshop is right for the singer in you.

Beginner Singer

Weekend Workshop

Have you always wanted to sing? Take the first step with a weekend workshop crafted to overcome fears, introduce the joy of singing, and help you begin mastering your vocal instrument.

You will learn breathing techniques, vocal exercise, stance, how to project and have fun! Before the fun begins, you will chat with Sherry and she will help you pick a song to work on during the workshop.

Maximum 10 Students

Singer in Your Soul

5 weeks of training, 2 hours per week

A vocal workshop for every singer, no matter their level. Focus on developing your own singing in a fun, comfortable, and social environment.

You'll be amazed by the difference in your singing voice as you revisit the fundamentals of breathing, vocal technique, mic technique, vocal care, vocal exercises, stance, utilizing your space, presentation, interpretation, and more tricks of the trade.

Each student works on two contrasting songs: a ballad and an up-tempo song.

Maximum 8 Students

Singer in the Band

6 weeks of training, 2 hours per week

Take the first step on your vocal journey by learning to sing with other vocalists and instrumental backing.

You'll work with professional musicians to master the fundamentals of band singing from counting in a band to harmonizing with your co-stars.

You will work on two contrasting songs and an ensemble number. You may pick from a list of songs that come with charts or bring your own sheet music.

Maximum 8 Students

Singer on Stage

6 weeks of training, 2 hours per week

Take center stage in a fun and informative workshop crafted to make you into a performer. Discover the star in you as you refine your singing fundamentals while becoming comfortable and confident on stage.

Sherry walks you through the complete dynamics of performing. She teachers you how to prepare for a show, to introducing yourself on stage and interact with the audience, and, of course, to present your portion of the show professionally.

You will work on two contrasting songs as well as an ensemble number!

Maximum 8 Students

What Sherry's Students Say...

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