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Sherry is recognized as

singing coach for adults!

Empowering you to fulfill your potential


Over her decades of experience as a singer, teacher, and professional artist, Sherry has worked with students to accomplish their goals.  Sherry crafts personalized lessons for you whether you want to sing for the first time, hit a new note, or take the next step in your career. 

Sherry is currently accepting students of all levels for individual lessons, in-person or online.


Every voice is unique. Individual lessons are the perfect opportunity to pursue the next step your singing journey. Sherry works one-on-one with you to create an experience that is personalized, constructive, and enjoyable. You'll find your style, overcome obstacles, and sing like you never have before. All sessions are personalized for you.

Want to learn how vocal coaching can improve your singing? Contact Sherry for a consultation to meet her, see the studio, and get some tips.

Flexible plans are available to suit your needs and schedule. Sherry offers single sessions, block bookings, recurring lessons, and gift certificates.

I am a...

Beginner Singer

Sherry's introductory classes are crafted to make you comfortable, confident, and competent singer. You'll build the foundations of your singing and discover a talent you never knew you had.

Topics include:

    • Becoming a confident singer
    • Connecting with the song
    • Vocal exercises, warmups and scales
    • Develop your singing stance
    • Hitting high and low notes
    • Breathing and mic technique
    • Projecting your voice properly
    • Caring for your voice
    • ....and more!

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Intermediate Singer

Take the next step in your singing development by focusing on your vocal instrument. Sherry helps you explore your voice, expand your range and enhance your control.

Topics include:

    • Reviewing the fundamentals like breathing and projection
    • Building a full body connection consciously
    • Discovering and using your resonators
    • Deepening your connection with music's meaning
    • Taking command of your space and mic
    • Becoming a believable performer

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Advanced Singer

Work with Sherry to break through barriers and reach new heights. Intensive but supportive sessions help you to improve your technique and build your confidence.

Topics include:

    • Creating and refining a signature sound
    • Controlling your tone, pitch, and dynamics
    • Developing mental resilience and physical awareness
    • Connecting with your power area
    • Applying past lessons and musical theory
    • Extending your vocal and genre range
    • Learning to read you audience and connect with them

I am a...

Professional Singer

It's time to master your craft. Sherry works with professional singers and experienced students on all aspects of artist development.

Topics include:

    • Achieve excellence ahead of your upcoming audition or performance
    • Vocal mastery including vowel placement, transitioning from head to chest without the break
    • Starring on stage through movement, believability, and engagement
    • How to find your style and select songs
    • Working in the studio and with other musicians
    • Honest and constructive feedback that focusses on you

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