As a vocal coach I am equally excited about becoming the Canadian Distributor for Hearfones. All of the students that I work with whether professional or beginner are loving this incredible vocal tool. I have just received a new shipment for those of you who have been inquiring about this amazing singing and speech tool. 

Benefits of Hearfones

  • Direct feedback of your singing and speaking voice, what you really sound like - True Fidelity

  • You will be able to make immediate improvements and changes to what you are trying to accomplish.

  • Better vocal quality.

  • Better support and timbre, improved vowel quality, true tonality, better control of breathing and phrasing.

  • More confidence in your singing and the use of your vocal instrument.

  • Even when using it while practicing with your band or other singers, you are still able to hear what is going on around you but your voice is at the forefront. Less distraction and more focus on your individual part.

  • Unlike headphones, these are light weight and you don’t have to plug them into anything.