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Meet your true voice

Finally, you can listen to how you truly sound. This ingenious invention redirects the sound of your voice straight from your mouth to your ears. You get direct feedback that's free of distortion: it's all you.

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Tax included.

Ships anywhere in Canada.


Tax included.

Get Hearfones directly in Calgary, Alberta.

 The Benefits 

Hearfones are the clearest reflection of your own voice.
  • Enjoy true fidelity for your speaking and singing voice without the distortion of digital recording equipment.

  • Realtime feedback means you can make immediate improvements and get closer to your goals.

  • Clear sound provides better support and timbre, improved vowel quality, true tonality, and more precise control of breathing and phrasing.

  • Hearfones work even while practicing with your band or other singers because they place your voice at the forefront.

  • Reduce distractions and focus on your individual part without losing track of what is going on around you.

  • Unlike headphones, Hearfones are light weight and don't need to be plugged in or charged.

 Sherry's Take 

Sherry has heard about—and tried—all kinds of singing gadgets. She knows the difference from a gimmick and real tool. Here's what she says about Hearfones:

"Whether you're a beginner or a professional, there's really no substitute for listening to yourself. I've always wished that students and singers could hear what I do when they sing. This is the closest thing there is to being your own audience. I wish everyone could experience what an amazing vocal tool these are."

 Who Are Hearfones For? 

Everyone who uses their voice should hear it clearly, including:
  • Singers

  • Session musicians

  • Choirs

  • Ensemble bands

  • Actors

  • Rappers

  • Keynote speakers

  • Debaters

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