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Build confidence.
Develop talent.
Find your gift.

Coaching is more than technique: it's about connection.

Sherry's coaching philosophy centers on showing students what they can achieve and giving them the skills and confidence to do so.

Learn more about lessons, workshops, and coaching:

A Lifelong Passion

From her start as a gifted singer to working with the best in the business, Sherry has followed the sound of music in her heart around the world. Now, Sherry wants to share that joy with you as a coach.

"I hope to give my students a little more confidence in themselves and let them see how truly great they really are. It really is all about them."


Workshops: The Singer Series

Music brings us together. Sherry invites singers of all levels and abilities to experience the connection that comes when you find your true voice as a student in a group workshop.

Individual Lessons

No two voices are the same. Discover the uniqueness of your singing gift with one-on-one lessons that offer the support and feedback you need to reach your musical goals.



Have you ever wished you could hear yourself as clearly as your audience does? Hearfones are an innovative technology that makes it possible to hear your voice in real-time feedback with true fidelity.

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