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Frequently asked questions

The 12 most frequently asked questions!

Am I too Old to sing?

No, my eldest singing student was 83 years young!

How old should a child be to take singing lessons?

I take children when they are 10 to 12 years old for vocal
coaching. My vocal coaching is a lot of fun but it is also very structured
and they will be expected to work at it.

As a vocal coach are you concerned with vocal care? Covid?

Vocal care is primary in my opinion. Learn your vocal instrument
and take care of it. If you are standing incorrectly, breathing incorrectly or
putting undue pressure on your vocal cords, your career as a singer will be
short lived. Even what you drink can affect your voice! Regarding Covid, I
follow the guidelines very staunchly. I have had a Plexiglas vocal booth
constructed in my studio so students are able to sing with out a mask. I also
make sure that when doing in-person sessions, everything is sanitized
between students.

I can already sing; do you think vocal coaching is important for me?

Absolutely! If you have been blessed with the gift, why would you
not want that gift to be the best and healthiest it can be. Know your
instrument. It is no different than any other musician, you have to discover
it, experiment with it and take some constructive instruction to get to be the
best you can be. Be open minded. Look around for the best coach for you.

What kind of vocal coaching do you do?

I have coached all different individuals, all genders, all ages, all
genres. I have worked with people who wish to sing to learn English, I have
worked with people who have been in abusive relationships, some who are
recovering from a serious illness, others with learning disabilities and even a
student who was hearing impaired. So, in answer to the question, I try to
gear my coaching to the individual needs. Everyone is different, everyone
learns differently. The most important thing about having a vocal coaching
having one who is geared to your needs and also allows you to have some
FUN! At this time, I follow the Covid guidelines for in-person and
online vocal sessions.

How much do vocal coaching sessions cost?

Vocal coaching sessions with me are $100.00 per hour, plus GST.
I offer 2 one hour sessions per month, which is $210.00 per month including
GST. There are some people who wish to have four lessons per month but
they are usually preparing for a show or audition. I have always felt that one
hour sessions twice per month give the student time to practice in between
sessions. I always suggest a consultation to find out if “we” are a fit and how
I can best assist you in achieving your goals. Remember, you get what you
pay for!

Do you offer consultations for Vocal Coaching?

Absolutely! I think it is the best way to make an informed decision
on who you want to work with. What are their qualifications as a coach?
Have they or do they sing professionally? Did you like your interaction with
that person? From my end of the consultation I also get to find out if
working together would be a fit. I get to listen to you sing and discover I can
best assist you in achieving your goal. It is definitely a win win for both. My
consultations are $40.00 for a 30 minute consultation.

What are your payment methods?

I accept Visa, MasterCard or ETransfer. The payments are made
on the first of each month prior to the lessons. There are no refunds.

Do your vocal coaching students have a chance to perform?

Prior to Covid my students always had at least two performances
per year to showcase what they have accomplished. No one is forced to
participate but always encouraged to take the leap. In 2020 my students
worked very hard to do a group Music Video and a Final Virtual Performance
since our theatre finale, was not allowed. Each student came in individually
and recorded their portion of the music video and then on a separate day
came in and recorded their portion of the virtual performance. All of

“shows” that we present are as close to professional as we can get them on
a “no budget” budget!

Where are you located?

My studio is located in Calgary, Alberta. My singing students have
come from all over Alberta. Most recently I have been doing Zoom sessions
which means people from many different locations in Canada or around the
world can have a singing lesson from me if they want!

Is a vocal coach the same as a singing teacher?

It is true that a vocal coach works with people who can already sing. I
consider myself both a singing teacher and a vocal coach. I was trained classically and
have sung all kinds of music. I have used the training and technique that I learned as a
youngster to develop my own way of teaching people to use their instrument to the best
of their ability.

Do you do make up lessons for missed singing lessons?

Yes, there is a make-up week each semester for those who have to miss their vocal coaching session. If the student does not contact me or show up for the lesson they forfeit that lesson. If I miss a lesson, the lesson is guaranteed. There are no refunds.