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Frequently Asked Questions


Singing is rewarding, but getting started can be daunting. Hear Sherry's answers to some of the most common—and important—questions people have on their journey with their voice. Want to know more? Schedule a consultation with Sherry to find your personal pathway to confident singing.


Learning starts with curiosity. Improvements begins with practice.

Hear from Sherry about how to take those first steps and join her on your singing journey.

Am I Too Old to Learn to Sing?

Age may be a source of insecurity, but it shouldn't hold you back from learning to sing. Whether it is to fulfill a dream, to discover a new hobby, or just to be the star at karaoke, no one is too old.

How Old Should My Child Be to Take Singing Lessons?

You know your child better than anyone else but it's hard to know when to pursue formal training. Although everyone develops at a different rate, there are some of the things that I look for when I work with young singers.

How Can I Take Care of My Voice?

Like every instrument, your voice needs to be looked after to remain in top condition. But our voice is unique because it is irreplaceable. We only get one. Learning to use your voice properly can preserve its quality by improving its health.

What Is the Benefit of Vocal Coaching?

If you're a confident singer, you may wonder what more you have to learn. Coaching can give you insights that may take years to discover independently. Everyone's vocal instrument can benefit from coaching and, oftentimes, it's the most talented singers who have the most to gain.

How Long Until I Sound Like Celine Dion?

Setting goals for your singing is important but the best goals are the ones that match your own voice—not someone else's. Working with a vocal coach can help you understand what you want to accomplish and make achieving it possible.

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