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About Sherry

Singer. Artist. Musician.

Sherry Kennedy has always had music in her heart. She knew she wanted to become only one thing: a singer. And she did.

For her, music is more than sound: it opens the world and makes us all richer. There is no gift more meaningful and Sherry has dedicated her life to sharing song with people as an artist and teacher.

A life of song and energy.

Sherry has moved audiences around Canada with her energetic and mesmerizing performances. A highly polished artist who’s been described as “sparkling” and “dynamic”, her voice has a “rich and beautiful” quality that “leaves you breathless.”

A performer with the chameleon-like ability to change colour and direction, she delivers tender ballads, raunchy show tunes or swingin' big band gems with equal ease.

Teaching to spread joy.


​One of Sherry’s greatest joys is sharing her knowledge of singing and performance. A sought after vocal coach and clinician, she works with up-and-coming singers as well a those who just want to have some fun singing with friends and family.

She has a unique way of helping people achieve what they are aspiring. Sherry blends encouragement and great coaching techniques to make music technique accessible and build confidence so that everyone can discover the artist within.

Sherry's studios are currently located in Calgary, Alberta.

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