sherry kennedy


Sherry Kennedy is a Canadian singer, songwriter, recording artist, performer, producer, actor, vocal coach, visual artist, and mentor. Sherry is an internationally acclaimed artist, who has been entertaining audiences for most of her life.  

Moving audiences with her energetic and mesmerizing performances, Sherry is a highly polished artist who’s been described as “sparkling” and “dynamic”, her voice “rich and beautiful” is said to “leave you breathless.” Adding to her mystique as a performer is her chameleon-like ability to change colour and direction with ease whether delivering a tender ballad, raunchy show tune or swinging’ a Big Band gem.


One of Sherry’s greatest joys is sharing her knowledge of singing and performance with up and coming singers as well a those who just want to have some fun singing with friends and family. She is a sought after vocal coach and clinician. Sherry has a way of helping people achieve what they are aspiring to do, with encouragement and great coaching techniques.


“It is all about the Music!” One of her favorite quotes, she states that everything she does is musically inspired. Thus the trademark of her newest endeavor


Sherry Kennedy has often been referred to as Synesthetic. Her Art is case and point. It is uncensored and just exactly what the music calls for. On Canvas and now available on Fabric.