Current and Former Students

The best vocal coach ever.  I have been working with Sherry for at least 5 years,...

maybe more.  She's a great singing teacher but I call her a vocal coach because with Sherry

its about performance and how do you present the song to an audience. This takes it beyond

rhythm and pitch into how do you convey the story as an artist.  She takes it into show biz!  

And she knows what she's talking about. She's been a professional performer all her life and

she's a Nashville recording artists with numerous CD's to her credit.

Doug Bassett 

I was fortunate to have the opportunity to take vocal lessons from Sherry for a year. I have sung all my life, but I learned so much in that time. From vocal technique to performance, Sherry provided incredible coaching, always given with kindness and positivity in a fun and supportive environment. Sherry helped me improve my confidence, while challenging me to find my own voice. I would highly recommend Sherry Kennedy for vocal training.

  Janet Reimer 

The single greatest contribution to my vocal success has been coaching sessions with Sherry Kennedy. Sherry's straightforward approach, deep fund of knowledge and spot-on guidance have given me the fundamentals and sensibilities needed to pursue my craft with confidence.   I can't imagine any artist

not benefitting from sessions with Sherry Kennedy....Elliot Lorne Wyman


I was introduced to Sherry Kennedy when I was 15 years of age, she had mentioned that I was her first student ever ... I was extremely excited to go on this new journey together.  She“had me at hello” with her amazing personality, enthusiasm, and talent. Her unique style of coaching whether it be private lessons or workshops taught me how to project, sing fluidly through many genres of music and also how to be fully aware of the vibration resonance in the so-called “vocal mask”. The most brilliant part about Sherry Kennedy is that she will bring out your true inner voice, encourage you to go out there, perform and push your boundaries as an artist!  Sherry has taught me so many valuable skills and lessons over the years and I still continuously use them today in my professional music career with the bands I perform with and also as a music instructor. Sherry Kennedy has been a great influence in my life when it comes to music, an inspirational role model and she is definitely gifted and a master in the craft of vocal training ... Jen Garces-Owens 

I would highly recommend Sherry Kennedy as a Voice Coach.   Sherry‘s coaching helped me with so many things that steered me in the right direction including proper breathing techniques, warm-up exercises, microphone control, the importance of rhythm, pitch and phrasing and so much more.  Sherry is a very accomplished performer herself, so she knows what it takes to perform, not just the singing of the song, but also the staging and presentation of the piece.  She is warm and friendly and easy to work with.  Sherry brings a high level of professionalism to her teaching that helps the student learn easily and comfortably.  She has an extremely supportive and helpful manner that makes learning fun!  Sherry’s coaching provided me with a strong base that helped me become a very successful musical theatre performer as well as a confident and award-winning performer in live singing competitions  

... Mike Johnson 


"I have been with Sherry for several years.  When I first met her, she immediately showed me total professionalism and it was clear she really knew what she was talking about.  With her attention to detail, she has helped me go from a self-doubting person who believed in his heart that he could not sing to a confident and excellent front man for a band!  Thank you, Sherry!"... Jeff Larsen 

"Thanks to Sherry's coaching I have found and trained my voice beyond what I knew was possible.  Her workshops provide amateur and experienced vocalists with an amazing opportunity to learn how to perform in a professional environment.”  ... Heather Oriss


I felt a personal connection with Sherry Kennedy from the start. She inspires me to stretch my vocal limits and get out of my comfort zone in order to reach my potential. Her feedback is invaluable and her positive reinforcement gives me the confidence to move forward and try new things. Her vocal sessions are both fun and challenging!  Since working with Sherry, I have realized a notable improvement in my vocal range and strength. I am in my seventies and thought that I would never sing in public.  Now I can't wait to get on stage! Thank you Sherry! You helped me to find my voice! ... Glenda Philipchuk


I have participated in three of Sherry's workshops and have always had a positive experience. It is a relaxed and professional environment where people from any ability can feel at ease. I have learned a lot from proper vocal warm-ups and stage work. Sherry is a good vocal teacher and I would recommend her to anyone wanting to better their abilities.  Thank you for everything Sherry! ... Cory Wells




“Our business group took Sherry Kennedy’s Team Building Vocal Workshop and it was fabulous. Not only did we come to a new understanding of using our voices as an instrument  ...great fundamentals of singing... we discovered our hidden talents. Sherry provides a very unique and fun experience. She helped us step out of our comfort zones together which really created a bond in our group.   I would recommend this for a group of friends, work colleagues or even as a family activity."  

... Wendy Coombs, CEO Momentum Health, Calgary Entrepreneurs Organization Forum


"Sherry is a fabulous and gifted voice teacher.  I learned so much about not just singing but also stage presence, mic technique, ‘showmanship’ and voice care. Highly recommended for anyone who wants to sing or perform better!"    ... Dr. Samuel Lee


"There is only one way to start off a convention and this is with the incredible vocals and charisma of Sherry Kennedy. With her high energy and stage presence, the crowd was nothing short of mesmerized.  Bravo!"  

... Christine Dawson, C.A convention Coordinator


"Sherry Kennedy is a consummate professional as a performer, teacher, and mentor.  Through her skills in teaching, coaxing, bribing and encouragement, a major stumbling block in my life was crossed. She has her own way of getting anyone, no matter at what skill level they may be, to achieve the success they are looking for."   ... Dan Willmott Actor/Talent...Premium Voice CEO


"Sherry Kennedy has performed at my Client Appreciation Events for over 10 years.  My client's excitement for Sherry's next performance is evident.  She is the highlight of the evening and leaves my guests feeling truly entertained and touched by her warmth and energy."   ... Janet Mericle ReMax Realtor/Agent



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