"Achieving excellence as a singer takes so much more than just having a great voice!"... Sherry Kennedy
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Sherry Kennedy has performed globally, with recordings hitting the charts in Europe, UK, US, Australia, Japan and New Zealand.  Sherry makes her home in Calgary . For more information on Sherry Kennedy and how to book her for your Special Event Click Here.

Professional Singer,

Songwriter & Recording Artist

What you can expect...

You will discover your own vocal instrument and how to use it to your best ability!


You will learn vocal care, stage presence, breathing, mic technique, presentation and more! 

You will have fun and your confidence will soar, even if you are just wanting to sing around the campfire!

For more on Coaching. 

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The Artist


 “Music speaks to me in colour  flow and imagery! From Jazz to classical, hip hop to country, blues to folk, whatever the genre; colours appear.” Enjoy the musically inspired Art!



It's all about the Music! Synesthetic Art on Fabric.  All Canadian Made.

"Sherry Kennedy is a consummate professional as a performer, teacher, and mentor. Through her skills in teaching, coaxing and encouragement, a major stumbling block in my life was crossed. She has her own way of getting anyone, no matter at what skill level they may be, to achieve the success they are looking for"

Dan Willmott Actor/Talent...Premium Voice CEO

"There is only one way to start off a convention and this is with the incredible vocals and charisma of Sherry Kennedy. With her high energy and stage presence, the crowd was nothing short of mesmerized. Bravo!"

Christine Dawson, C.A convention Coordinator

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Calgary, AB, Canada



Tel: + 1 (403)-605-1134


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