Are There Good Vocalist Near Me Who Offer Lessons in the Calgary Area?

Vocalists know the power of the voice, no matter how it is being used. But for those in a leadership or management role it is even more critical to have a voice that is powerful, commanding, and engaging. One of the most intense workshop training sessions for anyone who as asked- is there a good vocalist near me I can learn from- is Sherry Kennedy’s Team Building Workshop. Effective vocal expression is a skill that gets results and creates inspirational leaders and that the key focus of this workshop. Specially designed for business minded individuals, this is an excellent opportunity for all types and sizes of groups. It is designed to be a 4 to 6 hour information and social event complete with refreshments. All it takes is one call to learn more and to book your workshop and see why Sherry Kennedy Music of Calgary, AB, Canada is the place to turn to find good vocalists right in your area!

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