This is a series of five fabulous vocal workshops that fit everyone’s needs; from the beginner to the more advanced. They are offered at various times of the year!  Contact me for more informaion.


Singer in Your Soul 



You will learn the basics….breathing, vocal technique, mic technique, vocal care, vocal exercises, stance, utilizing your space, presentation, interpretation and many more tips of the trade.  You will receive Five weeks of training 2 hours per week. Each student works on two songs, a ballad and an up tempo.  Choose your genre... Jazz, Blues, Country, R&B, Rock, Pop, Folk, Musical Theatre,etc.  A fun workshop which includes a Grand Finale Performance.


Singer on Stage 

Once again a fun and informative workshop where you are the star.  Not only will you revisit the basics but this time….you will also learn how to introduce yourself and the person who follows you in the show.  You will learn how to interact with the audience and present your portion of the show professionally.  Each student will do two songs as well as an ensemble number!

This workshop is 6 weeks 2 hours per week and the musical genres can be Jazz, Blues, Rock, Pop, County, Folk, Musical Theatre etc.  There is also a Grand Finale Performance with this workshop as well.


Singer in the Band

If you have always wanted to front a band this is your opportunity to do so.  You will get to work with professional musicians of the highest calibre; learn how to count your band in, talk their language and have a lot of Fun!!!  Each student works on two songs and an ensemble number.  Students pick from a list of songs that come with charts.  This is a 6 week workshop, 2 hours per week and there is a Grand Finale Performance.


Singer in the Studio

A great opportunity to find out what it is like to record your voice professionally!  This workshop includes two coaching sessions and one hour in the recording studio.  I will produced the recording and you will have a professional engineer to record your vocals.  It also includes the mixing and mastering of the final product. This is a great opportunity for a quality demo recording to give to family and friends. (You are welcome to record more than one song but the fee increase.)

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