Through Music I am Enough!

I have been singing since I was a very young child. In fact, I have always been in the music business. I recorded my first record at 5. Singing has been my go to. I have been so fortunate to do what I love all of my life. I have travelled the world, made a living, own my own house, raised two children and loved almost every minute of it. Everyone has their ups and their downs; I certainly am no exception. A lot of people would say I am a very positive and up beat individual and intrinsically I am; but I also am no stranger to counselling, groups, self help books, self help videos, pasting affirmations on my walls and mirrors to remind me that I am enough, I can do this, I am worthy. All of the things most people struggle with. All of those things helped me to move forward in my life but I do believe what helped me the most in my journey to me, is music! Music is in all parts of my life. I sing, I coach, I write, I paint music; it is in everything that I do. Every moment that I do something musical, I learn something awesome. Today, I am completely supportive of myself and all that I have accomplished and all that I will accomplish in the tomorrows to come. Whenever those pesky little doubts pop in, I play, I sing, I write I emerge myself in music. Through music, I am enough! Through music, you can be too!

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