As a singer, are you Believable?

I have been very fortunate to coach many individuals who have been blessed with great voices. That alone does not make them good singers! There is so much more to being a great singer than just "the Pipes". However, that certainly is an added Bonus, but doesn't guarantee you to be memorable!

So, what do I mean when I ask, are you believable as a singer? Well, let's look at a very simple example ... there are two singers, one has a natural gift of singing and sings because they can; the other one wants it so badly they can taste it, but has been left short on the gift side. They both get up and perform in front of an audience. The one with the gift stands, hits all the notes, the timing; everything is technically on. Everyone in the audience may be talking or they may be listening. They may even say, great voice! The other person gets up and sells the song to the audience! There may be a few off notes and definitely not as technical but which one will the audience remember seeing as well a hearing? The one that puts their heart and soul into it! The one that engages the audience, the one that draws them into the story behind the music. So just because you are gifted does not mean you are believable. You still have to work at it, you have to develop your stage presence, you have to believe what you are putting out or you will be left behind and certainly not for lack of talent.

How do you become believable?

It is your job as a singer to find out what the writer of the song is trying to convey. You may or may not have any idea what the song means but you need to somehow connect it to your own life in some way. If your life is nothing like the song, then write a character sketch for yourself. This can be very helpful. Who is the song about? How old are they? Where do they live? In a house on the street? Are they tall, short, blonde, black, happy, becomes your story and then when you sing it you know what you are singing about. You will most likely start to feel something when you are singing as you know the story. The more you delve into what the song means to you, you will begin to believe it. When you believe what you are putting across, your audience will believe it. Their story may be different than yours but you will have connected with them on a completely different level. So, if you can give yourself goosebumps you know you are doing your job!

What I have explained here is a simplified version of how to connect and become believable and of course more memorable. It will take time but just keep working at it. Rewrite your story if you have to. If it is your own song, you may think it will be easier but it isn't that easy to be vulnerable with your own music. When you are able to allow that to happen, you will become a more believable artist!

To learn more about how to be believable, contact me, Sherry Kennedy. Together we can discover your vocal instrument and work on you becoming more believable.

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