Singing! It's a Process...

For me, singing is all about letting your soul dance.

Everyone is different and different things work for different people. If you want to improve your vocal instrument you are going to have to experiment with the instrument you were given.

Don’t be afraid make mistakes, we learn by the mistakes we make and sometimes those mistakes are wonderful and take us where we never knew we could go. Make sure you find yourself a safe place to practise! Your loved ones may feel they are being supportive but sometimes they may not actually know what they are talking about and their well meaning words may be very discouraging.

Singing is such a personal art form it is different from playing other instruments because it is internal and it is a part of you! That does not mean you shouldn’t accept constructive criticism or that you don’t have to work on learning how to get the best sounds from your instrument. That is also all part of learning and improving your skill.

Remember it takes practise, but it also takes TLC. If we are too hard on ourselves we will never get better and if we think everything we do is all that and a bag of chips, well…..we will never reach our full potential. Find the middle ground so that you can encourage yourself to improve and appreciate what you have accomplished so far.

Anyone who plays an instrument well, has to start at the beginning so don’t be discouraged, it is all about developing the skill.

Don’t compare yourself with others, just learn to be the best you can be and enjoy the ride! Singing! It's a process of discovery and having fun along the way!

For more tips and tricks on singing contact Sherry for online or in person sessions. #learntosing #singingmakesyoufeelgood #ilovetosing

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