Sing from my Diaphragm?

You will often hear people say you have to sing from your diaphragm, but what exactly does that mean? Most people don't really even know what a diaphragm is but we all nod our heads and say okay, I will sing from my diaphragm. As a vocal coach and singing teacher, I spend a lot of time helping my students to engage their diaphragm in singing. It is not something that is learned over night and you can't just do it because someone tells you too. When you finally get the idea of how to breathe "from your diaphragm" and feel where it is coming from, then you actually know how to do it and it is a very impressive sensation! That sensation will be felt from your mid chest right to the pelvic floor.

To see if you are using your diaphragm correctly while singing, stand in front of a mirror, if your shoulders are moving up and down then you are not doing it correctly.

I find this very effective to learn to breathe "from your Diaphragm"; stand with your feet shoulder width apart and your knees soft. Raise your shoulders and then roll them back and down. Allow them to hang in that position, try to be relaxed, then, take a slow breath, you should feel this expansion right below your sternum or in the bottom part of your rib area. The shoulders should not be moving. Engage your core! You can do this through your mouth or your nose.

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