"No Way I Can't Sing!"

"No way, I can't sing!" That phrase is said so many times and I just smile when I hear it. You see, I absolutely believe that anyone can learn to sing. That does not mean anyone can be a naturally gifted singer but honestly if you have a voice and if you learn to use it, you will be amazed at what you can actually accomplish.

Several years ago, I had the honour of coaching a woman who was hearing impaired. Yes, she was completely deaf. We did a lot of different things to work with this challenge and she was really amazing. Her voice was definitely different than most peoples and she felt more than she heard but the sense of accomplishment for both of us when she went on stage and performed her songs was one of the most incredible sensations I had ever experienced. She also was over the moon at what she had done, her confidence was so evident. It was excellent. She did several of the shows that I put on for the students I work with and each time her confidence grew. No, she did not continue into a professional career but she had so much fun while she was learning to use her voice and express it on stage.

My point of telling you this is; just because you think you can't sing doesn't mean you can't! So much of singing is confidence and finding out how to move the sound of your voice, with out hurting yourself.

Everyone is different! I found this article and I just love it! Give it a read and if you think maybe someone can help you find your voice (like me for instance) don't wait, jump in with both feet and see what happens. It will definitely be a life changing experience!


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I would love to help you discover your voice.

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