Wonderful Women of Song


100 years ago the world was recovering from a Pandemic. Here we are today in the same rocky boat! Our life as we have known it has changed and we are recovering in every way! Music is a healing art and is helping the world once again.


Women back then were taking the stage and commanding attention as never before. Today women are also at the forefront! The Wonderful Women of Song pays tribute to those Diva’s of the stage who have been singing and dancing their way into our hearts over the past century.


Join Sherry and her incredible musicians on this amazing journey; then and now! 

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Unique-Personal-World Class!


“Sherry Kennedy has performed at many of my Client Appreciation Events. My Clients excitement for Sherry’s next performance is evident. She is the highlight of the evening and leaves my guests feeling truly entertained and touched by her warmth and energy”

Janet Mericle ReMax Realtor

Each show is tailored to the specific needs of the client, whether in a Concert setting or in the comfort of your own home! 


“Country Music Revue”

A fabulous “Country Music Retrospective” featuring the very best recognizable & memorable hits from the top “Country” musical acts of all time, including “Classic Country” and “New Country” music that appeals to everyone. Sherry also showcases original song compositions from her acclaimed albums released in Europe, UK, US, Australia, New Zealand and Japan... “High Performance Woman”, “Little Secret”, “Ordinary Woman”, “Don’t Wait” and others


“Shades of Jazz and Blues”

Sherry Kennedy creates a unique anthology of the best artists and their biggest hits. A tribute to the iconic musical geniuses of the past , who created a legacy that inspires musicians and music lovers alike.
Enjoy a repertoire of select songs that have stood the test of time! 


Reflections of Christmas”

Sherry’s Album, Reflections of Christmas, won high accolades in Belgium for album of the season. It is a wonderful collection of our favorite seasonal songs and some of Sherry’s Original compositions. This is a perfect musical addition for your special event of home party.

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