"Over the years I have been fortunate enough to be able to perform and record the music I love.  My albums are eclectic because of that.
~ Sherry Kennedy
From Time to Time - I was contacted by an amazing woman who is in the midst of writing a book about her experience with ALS. Her mother, her uncle, her brother and her two sisters succumbed to this terrible disease. She asked me if I would write a song for her about her loss. Of course, I said yes. All of us have experienced loss in many different ways and if we think about those who have gone before us, we are very fortunate to have them cross our minds, bring a smile and perhaps one last tear from time to time. The song will be available along with her book, until then, I would love to help her raise funds for ALS by selling this song. - $4.00 of every $5.00 purchase goes directly to ALS, in the name of Linda McMurray. 

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