A great day at Cornerstone Music Cafe...Music, Art, Fashion....

Cornerstone Music Cafe
Sheldon Zanboer
Moserite Majesty
Painting and Tank Top. Deanna Dubbin model
Mosrite Majesty Dress_Tank
Michelle and Deanna rocking the runway.
Mosrite Majesty
Mosrite Majesty painting, dress, tank top.
Mosrite Majesty Long Kimono
Marie Bridge in foreground wearing the long Mosrite Majesty Kimono
Reeds and Rushes
Debbie Locken wearing the Reeds and Rushes dress...painting inspired by music of Paul Simon's Graceland
Reeds and Rushes
Danielle Dulmage is wearing Reeds and Rushes Leggings
Reeds and Rushes
Reeds and Rushes Capris
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Sheldon Zanboer