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Canadian singer, songwriter, recording artist, producer, actor, vocal Coach, visual artist, is an internationally acclaimed artist, who has been entertaining audiences for most of her life.   

Moving audiences with her energetic and mesmerizing performances, Sherry is a highly polished artist who's been described as "sparkling" and "dynamic", her voice "rich and beautiful" is said to "leave you breathless."


Adding to her mystique as a performer is her chameleon-like ability to change colour and direction with ease whether delivering a tender ballad, raunchy show tune or swingin' a Big Band gem...most recently her passion is LET THE MUSIC PAINT!

Meet Sherry Kennedy


It is always my pleasure to help aspiring singers to achieve their goals, whether Pro or Campfire singer. I love giving them all kinds of little tips and tools to help them be the best they can be. Learn more about coaching HERE.


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From Time to Time  - 2019

The Legend of Rainbow Powers - 2018

New Vocal Training Guide USB - 2017

High Performance Woman 2015

Little Secret 2013

Sweet In Between 2011

I Need a Man 2010

Shades of Jazz and Blues 2008

I’ll Be Seeing You 2007

Kissing My Worries Goodbye 2006

Vocal Instruction 2005

Reflections of Christmas 2003

Ordinary Woman 1999

Don’t Wait 1997

Recording Artist

Barcelonely - Sheldon Zandboer SOLD

All of the paintings I do are created through the music that I listen to. The Music dictates the colour, the flow, the mood, the image that appears, without any preconceived ideas. A wide variety of music fuels my creativity, including classical, jazz, blues, musical theatre, hip hop, contemporary, alternative, rock, folk, country, and even movie soundtracks.

Painting is the only time I don't censor myself, I just allow it to happen.  As soon as I start to go into censorship the creativity stops.  It is like it’s a surprise each time. If I have the feeling to use sand, I use sand, if I feel like using egg shells, then I use egg shells or tin cans or cement, whatever. It is so much fun just to play and find out what evolves as I go along. The process for me is definitely therapeutic; it helps me work through all kinds of things. Learn more HERE.

Visual Artist and Fashion

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